Riverland Treated Pine at Loxton North in South Australia
The Process of treating pine
Riverland Treated Pine at Loxton North






Timber (Radiata Pine) is harvested and extracted from the forest in varying lengths. The large diameter sawlog is taken to sawmills where it is processed for the building, furniture and paper industries. Small to medium diameter (preservation) poles are cut to length in the forest, transported to our sawmill and then undergo a debarking process.

Posts may be shaven (smooth) or cambio debarked (rough). Shaven posts are favoured for landscaping or domestic applications and cambio posts for agricultural or vineyard applications.

Once debarked, posts are bundled, strapped and transferred to the drying yard. Post bundles (packs) are stacked in the open air until their moisture content has dropped to optimum levels ready for chemical treatment. This can take between 6 and 12 weeks depending on weather conditions.

A moisture probe inserted into the timber is used to take final readings before treatment. Packs are placed inside the treatment cylinder on a trolley car/rail system. Copper Chrome and Arsenate (CCA) is forced into the timber under pressure during the treatment process which takes approximately one hour. Once treated, timber is kept undercover for a period of time and then moved to stockpiles. During this time a chemical reaction occurs and CCA is fixed into the timber.

Riverland Treated Pine post sizes

Riverland Treated Pine - the process of treating the pine
Riverland Treated Pine
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